Personal Finance in the Classroom

LearnPFL was created for elementary school teachers across the USA who are faced with the additional challenge of meeting standards in personal financial literacy with children as young as five. To assist these teachers we’ve created four ways to engage with PFL:

Accredited Professional Development Course – taught online and facilitated by a Council for Economic Education certified teacher. This course is available to teachers nationwide with free places available to a limited number of Colorado teachers. (FEE)

Self-Paced Online Course is similar in content and approach but does not provide accreditation or the same level of instructional facilitation. This course is under development and will be available soon. (FEE)

Open Learning Resources is over four hours of engaging films covering essential topics in personal finance and economics. These films and supporting resources will enable the teaching of PFL through a sound foundation in economics and finance. (FREE)

LearnPFL Youtube Channel includes all films featured in the Open Learning Resources in a less structured format. The YouTube channel is ideal for teachers wishing to view and share only a selection of films. (FREE)